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Autumn 2018

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The inaugural award for Excellent Associate of ForHum

Juan Miguel Marcos, Human Resources Director, was the deserving recipient of the inaugural award for Excellent Associate of ForHum (Human Resources Management Forum) at the People Management Awards on October 4th, 2018 at the Edgar Neville Auditorium, Málaga.

The award was in recognition of Snr Marcos’ contribution to the growth and development of ForHum since its creation 5 years ago.

Around 400 guests from Málaga companies and institutions, Andalucían local government and nationwide companies were present at the award ceremony, alongside CLC World’s Board and representatives of CLC World management and employees.

Snr Marcos’ hard work in promoting ForHum has been mirrored by the exceptional dedication he has shown in promoting CLC World in the Málaga province and internationally, both as Human Resources Director and President of our charity, Fundación CLC World.

Richard Barnett, COO, praised his dedication saying: “This award & recognition couldn’t go to a more deserving recipient. I speak for many I know, to say we are incredibly proud and honoured to have Snr Marcos as part of our CLC Team.

In a short period during 2018, he has achieved huge gains for CLC World, not least in Public Relations, corporate recognition, Fundación CLC World and brand awareness to the local (Andalucían) community.”

Interns learn vital skills with CLC World

Giving young people the skills they need for a job is vital but so is first-hand experience of the real-world work environment.

CLC World’s Costa del Sol resorts have played host to a number of interns during the summer of 2018, from students of housekeeping and gardening to Tourism & Business Studies.

Maria Martinez Sanchez, a Tourism and Business Studies degree student at the University of Extremadura, completed her 3-month internship at reception in Santa Cruz Suites at the end of June.

When asked if she would recommend CLC World to other students, Maria replied: “Absolutely. Not only do you learn so much about the tourism and hospitality industry, you get to meet lots of people and practice your English. I will definitely recommend other students to apply for an internship here.”

Hospitality service students were shown some of the tasks undertaken by service workers in CLC World’s Santa Cruz Suites and Marina Park resorts.

Beatriz Zambruno Fernandez, from CLC World Recruitment & Development, praised the courses for their “effectiveness” saying the students were “learning important skills.”

“We are supporting them by giving them access to our premises, through the training from housekeeping, maintenance and gardening staff, and by helping them get the necessary tools for their future working life,” she said.

The Mayoress of Fuengirola praised CLC World for receiving students from the Emple@net Joven programme, saying: “Through initiatives such as these, the long-term unemployed, who in the majority of cases, have little training, have the opportunity to receive a type of teaching, which, together with a further internship and individual tutored monitoring, enables them to re-enter the job market.”

Sales Training – Milton Keynes

Sales Consultants are given comprehensive training before they meet clients.

New staff at our Milton Keynes Travel Centre enjoyed induction training in June.  “We found the training to be very thorough, a good pace and adapted to suit our individual needs. Very enjoyable indeed”, trainees commented.

Fire Safety Course

Staff from the maintenance, gardening, housekeeping and ICT departments took a course on basic fire safety, including classroom tuition and a practical exercise to tackle different types of fire.

Course instructor José Carlos Cosme Vidal said the aim was to give staff the skills to use the equipment correctly and the confidence to take responsibility for making decisions if there was a fire at work.

Beatriz Zambruno Fernandez, from CLC World Recruitment & Development, agreed saying: “Clients and staff will feel safer if they are confident we know how to look after them if there’s a real fire; we care about their safety,” she said.


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