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Spring 2019

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Hospitality & Tourism Fair a success

CLC World’s inaugural Hospitality & Tourism Careers Fair, 15th March 2019, was declared a great success when around 800 people attended the event at the Club La Costa World resort on the Costa del Sol.

Representatives from Human Resources, along with departments ranging from Resort Management and Customer Services to Finance and IT, were all on hand to greet those interested in working for CLC World.

The aim was not only to fill current vacancies, but to identify future high quality candidates by collecting job résumés from prospective candidates.

HR director Juan Miguel Marcos welcomed the staging of the Fair, saying: “The aim of this initiative is to increase both the qualitative and quantitative resources we can draw on, both now and in the future.”

The event also had the backing of the municipal authorities in Mijas, Fuengirola and Marbella, along with the support of the Diputación of Málaga and the city’s University.

CLC World acknowledged by Mijas Town Hall

In January, CLC World chairman and founder Roy Peires was welcomed by the mayor of Mijas for recognition of the company’s work in the municipality.

Described by the mayor as “the most important businessperson in Mijas”, Roy Peires was asked to sign the Town Hall’s Honours Book. The mayor also noted the “corporate social responsibility that is shown by CLC World”, making it a “benchmark company”.

“35 years ago, I came to Mijas by accident, never thinking I would end up doing business and creating a company here; but it happened. It’s a great honour for me to have spent time working in the municipality, and I believe it is necessary to give back to the community all that it has given and I’m happy to work with the people of Mijas, through Fundación CLC World, to repay that generosity,” Roy Peires said.

The alliance between business and municipality is intended to “strengthen the bonds, continue growing together, generating jobs and wealth, so that Mijas and the Costa del Sol are at the forefront of international tourism,” added the Mayor.

Hospitality Scholarships for Duchally Staff

Two of the CLC Duchally Country Estate (Scotland) team have been awarded scholarships from the Hospitality Industry Trust (HIT) Scotland.

The scholarships are awarded to those in the Scottish hospitality industry looking to further their careers and CLC World through Duchally Country Estate also supports the organisation.

HIT Scotland Chief Executive, David Cochrane, said: “It was a really tough decision for the panel to decide who would get scholarships this year. We are sure that the industry, all across Scotland, will benefit from the learning experiences that this year’s scholars will take part in.”

In the coming year, the lucky pair will be embarking on in-depth training and development that will benefit not only them personally but also Duchally Country Estate and CLC World. The courses they will study are:

Leadership Scholarship is sponsored by École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland. The course helps managers progress from managing to leading a team. Putting theory into practice, students will be studying leadership thinking and behaviour and how to build relationships through effective communication.

Sales Scholarship which covers all areas of the sales process from exploring leads through effective communication to presenting a solution. Covering buyer types, the power of referrals and influencing, students will learn how to negotiate and gain skills in upselling.

CLC World recognised for its contributions to local employment and training

At the Museo Ruso in Málaga in November, the charity Cruz Roja (Red Cross) recognised the work of 22 companies and people who had contributed to their charity’s work during 2018, such as: the recruitment of candidates from diverse backgrounds, employment workshops, internships and volunteering.

Beatriz Zambruno, HR Recruitment and Development, attended as CLC World’s representative, saying: “We’re proud to be considered an “Empresa con alma” (company with soul) for an entity as important as Cruz Roja, a term which without doubt defines the team at CLC World.”

The Mayoress of Fuengirola congratulated Maria Mercedes Ramirez Berraquero – Executive Head Housekeeper and Lara Ann Main – Entertainment Manager, for their work in supporting the Emple@net programme.

CLC World has been collaborating with the Fuengirola authority at all levels for many years, with internships being a way to support groups at risk of social exclusion or with difficulties entering the job market.

Lara Ann commented that “the experience has been very positive, and it is interesting to find out about the training the students undertake in their stages of the Emple@net Joven programme. The Entertainment department adapted perfectly and were eager to show the dynamic of the work carried out in our department.”

Mercedes added, “For the colleagues who participated in this initiative, it has been a very motivating experience… trainees [have left] with noticeable knowledge and skills, enabling staff to feel a true sense of accomplishment and usefulness to perform other tasks. The company has put all their trust in them and they have responded in kind.”

Lara concluded that students who have participated in the Emple@net Joven programme “finish their internship hours with experience and confidence which is very favourable for entering the job market.”